WISPA Semi Final / 準決勝−2



Kobayashi dominates match.

Kobayashi’s killer boast did not allow Skaarenborg to do much.  Kobayashi took the match comfortably 3-0. Her domination on the court helped the delayed time schedule to be on time.

[1]Misaki Kobayashi  bt [8]Sally Skaarenborg(DEN)  3-0  11/6,  11/4,  11/4  14min

WISPA Semi Final / 準決勝−1


[2]Chinatsu Matsui(JPN)  bt [4]Liu Tsz-Ling(HNG)  3-2  16/14,  11/8,  10/12,  8/11,  11/5  52min


Matsui shakes off Hong Kong’s new rising star.

In the 1st game, although Matsui struggled with the outcome of her volley and drop shots, she managed to win. In the 2nd, she adjusted her shot quality and brought out  Liu’s errors. The game went to Matsui. It seemed the match was going at Matsui’s pace until then.  In the 3rd and 4th games, she produced many pressure shots to Liu’s backhand, then sent her off to her forehand to solicit more errors from her. She set up the rally well, but made uncharacteristic mistakes trying to finish the rally too quickly. At the crucial point of the 4th game, Hong Kong’s rising star produced a series of lucky shots, and then the close game went to Liu. In the 5th, Matsui pulled herself together and focused on one shot at a time. This pulled out her real quality squash and she defeated the youngster from Hong Kong. (Adachi)

プロスカッシュ関西2010個人協賛&Special Thanks




■Special Thanks

Yas Hisada
K. H


T. S
新谷 仁隆
高橋 徹
井之上 哲哉

井之上 千春
大野 順彦
高柳 裕哉
岡田 昭彦
謝花 章彦
引本 佳生
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久保 隆浩
小島 一幸
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中村 元
矢上 久実
二宮 浩
楠井 利明
元 正之
志戸 修
加納 哲也
Y. K


Day 2 QF Result correction / 二日目 第2ラウンド(準々決勝)結果 修正

Day 2  QF Result

[1]Misaki Kobayashi  bt  [5]Miwa Maekawa(JPN)   11/9,  13/11,  11/7  27min
[8]Sally Skaarenborg(DEN)   bt  [3]Carmen Lee(HKG) 12/10,  7/11,  11/9,  5/11,  12/10  45min
[2]Chinatsu Matsui(JPN)  bt  [6]Karman Siu(HNG)  11/9,  11/6,  11/7  24min
[4]Liu Tsz-Ling(HNG)  bt  [7]Mayu Yamazaki(JPN)   10/12,  11/2,  11/9,  11/5  27min

[1]Karim A.g.a. Samy(EGY)  bt  [7]Hon Fung Wong(HNG)  11/7,  11/4,  11/9  22min
[2]Omar Abdel Meguid(EGY)  bt  [6]Tsukue Shinnosuke(JPN)  13/11,  11/6,  12/10  32min
[3]Choong Kam Hing(MAS)  bt  Caspar Grauball Nielsen(DEN)   11/5,  8/11,  12/10,  6/11,  11/8  49min
[4]Cheng Yao Huang(TPE)  bt  [Q]Kobayashi Ryosei(JPN)  11/4,  11/5,  13/11  24min