Ibrahim vs Tsz-Ling戦 レビュー


スカッシュマジック 西村佳子

Both players drove hard to the back court and this made the game very impressive. In the 1st game,
Ibrahim ran Ling around with drive from the back court and gained points with high accuracy straight drive. On the contrary, Ling won points with drop shots from the middle area but Ibrahim took the game by 11-6 resulting from opponent’errors In the 2nd game, Ling forced the game to move faster using cut balls and led to 4-0. Both competed evenly but Ling occupied the T position more often and ran Ibrahim around with the drive shot from the front court and Ling won this game by 11-6.
In the 3rd game, they were even to 8 all but Ibrahim had less unforced errors with sure shots and won this game by 11-9
In the 4th game, Ibrahim continued to retain the control of the game with one sided winning shot and won the game by 11-1.

Squash Magic: Yoshiko Nishimura

ibrahim_5 ibrahim_4 Liu_4 Liu_3 Liu_2

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