Main Draw – Final / 決勝



Kahn started the match smoothly and built up a 7-0 lead.
Keo started to respond but Kahn finished the1st game 11-8.
In the 2nd and 3rd, Keo kept his pace well. He especially
had great kill shots in the 3rd.  He took the lead in the 4th until 6-1, but Kahn showed great persistence and finally got a come back win.  The match went to the decider.
In the final game, Kahn was the one to have the first match ball; however, Keo was able to bring the game to a tie break.
Then, Keo had a match ball which Kahn saved.  In the end,
Kahn finished the match at 13-11.

It was the longest match of the tournament, and surely as entertaining as a final should be.

[1] Kamran Khan (MAS)  bt  [2] Elvinn Keo (MAS)   11-8  7-11  8-11  11-8  13-11   (115min)

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