PSA Qualification final-4 / PSA予選 決勝-4 (レビュー追記)

Alex Noakes (ENG) 3-2 Josh Taylor (ENG) 11-13, 9-11, 13-11, 14-12, 12-10 (82 min)


In the match of two young English players, Alex Noakes managed to win by taking back 3 games after lost 2 games. It was a beautiful match and attrtacted all japanese spectators.



スカッシュマジック 小川

This was the battle by two Englanders and both were proud enough not to accept the defeat. Both played in an orthodox manner without any risky shots and this can be regarded as an ideal squash play style.

First game lasted 20 minutes and Taylor won. He continued to win the 2nd game without any serious errors. Alex had nothing to loose in the 3rd game and he won this game in tiebreaker. He finally won 3 games with 82 minutes duels. This was a qualifying round but still was such a wonderful match. Both displayed with stable technology, sound mind and supreme physical strength.

This match proved that each shot following the basics is the key to the victory of the match.

Squash Magic – Ogawa


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