PSA SF-2/PSA準決勝-2

[1] Leo Au (HKG) 3-0 [6] Tom Ford (ENG) 15-13, 11-7, 11-6 (59 min)




Leo played almost 90 minutes game with another Hong Kong player last night but he was more relaxed today than yesterday. On the contrary, Ford seemed to be under tension. The game speed was rather fast from the beginning and as the game goes on, Ford started to get loose with long rallies exchange. The game went seesawing and at one point Ford’s racket almost hit Leo’s head.
Leo took 24 minutes to win this game. In the 2nd game, Leo started to use lobs effectively and young Ford tried to bring the game in faster speed. Ford was cautious in the play and got the lead by 7-4 at one time but Leo kept catching up and never let Ford to take initiative and took this game.
In the 3rd game, Leo succeeded in suppressing Ford’s speed play by using excellent lobs and cross play. Ford was never able to play his style of speedy action and ended up in returning easy balls and lost in straight sets.
24 years old Leo played like veteran with speed variation and stroke length variation. 20 years old Ford could not do keep up with Leo.

Noriko Kamiya



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