Welcome! to our Tournaments! / Miyuki Adachi

Welcome to The Japan Pro Squash in Yokohama & Kansai that we promote the first time here in Japan. This year, many young Japanese players decided to challenge PSA, which never happened before. In the first stage, our purpose to have this tournament is to help them to make it easier having the first step to the World. But now we founded so many good foreign players support our tournaments that show us what kind of the World the Japanese player are going to challenge and give you very good opportunity to feel their strong mind of challenge together.
Challenging the World is not so easy!  Please give big support to all PSA players who’ll play here.  And of course, thank you for all players coming here to show us best performance!!
Our challenge has been started now.

Japan Pro Squash Director
Miyuki Adachi

今年はかつて例を見ない数の若手日本人選手が世界に挑戦すべくPSAに登録しました。 当初は彼等の挑戦の始まりをサポートして負担を軽くしてやろう!ということを目指しての開催でしたが、多くの海外選手の参加に恵まれました。それによって、日本人選手達がこれから挑戦する世界をそして彼等の闘志を実際に体感し、共感出来る素晴らしい機会となりました。

ジャパンプロスカッシュ代表 足立美由紀

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