WSA Round1-2 / WSA 本戦 一回戦-2(レビュー追記)

[6] Vanessa Chu (HKG) 3-1 [L] Chinatsu Matsui (JPN) 5-11, 12-10, 11-9, 11-9 (39 min)


スカッシュマジック 小川

Matsui started the game in a careful manner and won the 1st game. In the 2nd game, Vanessa increased the power in the drive and Matsui started to lose the agility and Vanessa took this game. In the 3rd game, Vanessa applied pressure by straight and cross shots and Matsui was forced to stay at backcourt resulting in stretching all the way to pick up the ball. Vanessa took this game. In the 4th game, Vanessa applied more speed and aggressively attacked toward the frontcourt. Matsui tried very hard to keep up with this but it was not good enough.

Squash Magic – Ogawa


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